Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Trimming Manassas VA: Pruning Mistakes To Avoid

You’ve probably passed innumerable tall, healthy trees around the state and thought they just grew that way. In fact, their leafy crowns and balanced branch structure is more likely the result of years of good pruning, done by knowledgeable and experienced pruners.

Tree pruning is a science and an art. If you prune your trees without understanding the principles of pruning and tree growth, you risk creating a repeating pattern of damage to your trees that can lead to their decline. Every pruning cut you make to a tree is a wound, but a correct pruning cut allows the tree to seal off the wounded area and prevent insects and disease from gaining a foothold inside the tree.

If you’re interested in understanding pruning or are thinking of hiring someone to prune your trees, let’s talk about what not to do first so you can avoid major pruning mistakes. You can never stick those branches back on your tree once they’ve been cut off!


If you’ve seen trees that have thin, patchy canopies, lots of visible interior branches, and foliage growing only at the ends of branches, you’ve seen “lion tailing.” Lion tailing is never done by qualified tree pruners.

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