Posted on Apr 17, 2021

Genesis Tree Service Manassas

Tree Trimming Manassas Virginia

You probably think tall, healthy trees just grow that way. Actually, their balanced crowns and graceful canopy might be the result of years of careful pruning done by skillful arborists.

If you are considering tree pruning services, it is important to learn about the principles of how a tree should be treated in order to ensure your trees will continue to grow healthily and fruitfully.

You may be interested in understanding the concept of pruning, or might be considering hiring someone to do this for you. Let’s talk about a few things that will make it easier for both you and your arborist if you decide to work with them.

Lion tailing is never done by qualified tree pruners, and it can be the first sign that your trees are in trouble.

It’s better to take off a large diameter branch by cutting it back to the trunk. This way the collar can seal the wound and avoid larger wounds that might plague your tree in years to come.

When performing trimming and pruning work, you shouldn't remove more than 5% to 20% of the tree’s crown at a time. This is because removing that much will cause stress to the tree.

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