Posted on Apr 17, 2021

Genesis Tree Service Manassas

Manassas Tree Removal Service: Got trees that were damaged in a storm?

A storm can cause any number of problems to your tree. Storm damage could be as little as just a few limbs falling off, but larger trees are powerless to stop the winds and gravity that could create physical or electrical damage resulting in power lines being disconnected from the grid. It’s then imperative for you to know how to inspect your tree thoroughly if it was majorly affected by weather-related events.

When your tree has been hit by a storm and has taken on some damage, it can be a dangerous situation for property. Make sure you keep your safety as the priority over anything else until you hire someone to assess and repair the damaged area.

As you inspect your tree for storm damage, it is important to remember the crown of the tree. If there are signs of branch snags or storm damage on branches near the top of a large tree, this can be an early indication that other branches will have problems too.

When you're examining the tree, look for possible damage that could be affecting its health. Some signs of this include cracks in the bark or exposed wood roots.

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