Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Removal Service: When is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal?

Supply and demand often plays a big role for many tree service company’s pricing. The need for tree removal is typically lower during winter and spring, so the best tree companies may offer lower rates to ensure steady business.

February and March have been statistically the cheaper months for tree removal—otherwise known as “dormant season” for trees. This is when the leaves have fallen and trees are easier to clear.

Top tree companies can get super busy during late spring and summer; i.e., the stormy or windy months. This is when places may need emergency services which will also impact the pricing.

Watch Out For Super Low Bids For Tree Removal

Most reputable tree companies in Manassas have licenses and modern equipment to maintain; so, if rates are suspiciously and noticeably low, we advise caution: it could mean the company is skipping costs in an important area so that they can offer the best price for cutting down a tree. But the lowest cost is not always the best cost no matter what time of year it is.

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