Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Removal Service Near Me: Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Unless your tree removal desires are aesthetic, you’ll likely reach out to a pro about tree removal because you’re concerned about one or more trees in your yard. Take note of any of the common tree issues below, and make sure to point them out to your tree pro.

Is the tree dead, damaged, or sickly? These trees can be very dangerous to you and your home because dead and damaged trees are susceptible to breaking and falling. If you have a diseased tree that cannot be treated, it is important to remove this threat to protect other trees nearby.

Is the area overcrowded? Maybe you’re looking to clear a space in your backyard or are planning a construction project.

Is the tree too close to your home or other structures? Another good reason for tree removal is its proximity to your home or other structures.

Is the tree leaning? In this situation, a certified arborist should definitely come out to assess the situation. There may be an issue with the root system, and the tree could be in danger of falling.

Is there a fallen tree? In most cases, it’s best to remove a fallen tree, especially if it has fallen onto other trees. If the tree has fallen between property lines, figure out who’s responsible for its removal.

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