Posted on Apr 17, 2021

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Tree Removal: If a tree damages my house or property, will homeowners insurance cover it?

Homeowners insurance may cover claims for tree damage. Every policy is different, but insurance covers damage caused by fire, storms and vandalism. It also may cover building and structures like sheds, garages and fences. Accidents with trees are typically covered when it comes to damages such as those resulted from falling limbs or other forms of damages while the tree is

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of debris cleanup when there is also damage to buildings and structures. You should check the policy details to find out exactly what is covered.

If you have trees, be mindful of the damage they can cause. In addition to potential property and structural damage, tree falling hazards are high during storms or when limbs break off and get caught in buildings.

Storms aren’t the only things that can cause trees to fall. Diseased trees can decay on the outside and inside, making them weaker and more susceptible to falling. Trees with signs of rot should be trimmed or removed before they fall and cause damage because insurance often doesn’t cover that.

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