Posted on Apr 17, 2021

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Tree Trimming Service: Common Mistakes Made When Trimming Trees

When it comes to tree bark, “take a little off the top” is never a good idea - whatever your reason for doing so will put pressure on the trunk of the tree. That means it's more prone to disease and poorly cared for, in turn posing a hazard.

A bad tree pruning job can be hard to spot, but an expert arborist should be able to identify the problem.

Pruning a tree can become risky and dangerous when the trimmer is not properly trained. Professionals with experience in tree trimming, removal, and pruning are the most qualified for this job.

An inexperienced arborist often cuts off the top of a tree as they attempt to reduce the height. But topping and cutting suckers off of trees are not usually a good idea because it breaks up their structural integrity.

The bigger the branch, the more vigorous the tree. Cutting large branches out of a tree weakens it and eventually kills it. Cutting large branches that are 4 inches in diameter or bigger increases the risk for internal decay because the tree has a hard time naturally healing itself after being cut.

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