Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Removal Service Manassas VA: Why and How to Inspect Your Trees for Storm Damage

You never know how well your tree will weather a storm. Tree damage can be anything from a few branches falling to the ground to trees falling over and even taking down power lines. Because of the randomness of storms and their impact, it’s best to know how to inspect your trees if it’s possible storm damage has occurred.

Keep Safety in Mind
A tree that has taken on storm damage can result in a dangerous situation for your property, but your safety should be the biggest priority.

Inspect the Crown
The crown of the tree consists of the leaves and branches, and these are often the first sign that your tree has sustained storm damage. When inspecting your tree, you should start with the crown and look for branches that have been affected by the storm.

Inspect the Trunk
The trunk of the tree should be the next area you inspect. Though the damage they sustain may not be as obvious as with the tree’s branches, significant damage can still occur to the trunk. Snowstorms, for instance, can create an excess of weight for the tree to bear, making any weak spots weaker and causing cracking.

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