Posted on Apr 17, 2021

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Traditional Tree Felling & Removal Methods

The most common technique for removing a dead or declining tree is called ‘traditional’ removal. This technique requires the tree to be safe enough for a trained arborist, which means that the wood must not have started rotting yet. Most trees will still be as sturdy as possible if treated quickly and ascended before they start giving off hazardous toxins in their decaying wood.

How is tree removal typically executed?

Arborists have a variety of skills to remove and trim trees. They may climb the tree using spurs, ropes, or both. By removing branches as they move up the tree with them, arborists ensure that no power lines exist near any cuts made in the trunk.

When the tree is stripped of its branches, the climber will then cut manageable pieces of trunk to let fall to ground or he may choose to rope each piece and lower it in a controlled manner.

If you are considering removing a tree this year, make sure that the situation and reasoning behind your decision has been researched. Reach out to a company with a certified arborist on staff or call around for recommendations.

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